Futurocity: Drawing in the Cities of Tomorrow


TraceSing.Jan09(JalanKubor)crouch ©Les Joynes 2009

Trace is a long-exposure photographic performance series created in different urban settings that captures human dynamic presence in drawing-as-event images.  Bee-like pathways of light are created created by interdependent movements of performance artists to create a formless and deconstructed drawing of movement and human trace as an afterburn or echo of an event.

This series was also inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s 1920s Bauhaus Stage performances (Triadisches Ballett, Egocentric Space Lines) where the performers engage real-time as they interface with the space around them and each other – as well as contemporary interpretations (Record Dances at the Bauhaus 2008).  Watching performers I began to imagine the drawing that was being created over a series of moments.

After staging this first in Berlin in November 2008 I staged Trace in Singapore and worked with twenty artists, photographers and dancers in twelve night-time exterior spaces that were sites of impending transition – darkness filled spaces surrounded by illuminated block towers.  Each performer carried a light-source and reflectively traced objects within his/her immediate space including other dancers.  The result was a series of captured performative moments that revealed both the trace of their movement but also the outline of their bodies often standing as silent witnesses to the captured moment. The result is a ghost image.

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